Comprehensive PGx Solutions

Welcome to Kohif PharmaGenix, your premier destination for advanced pharmacogenomics services. We provide comprehensive solutions tailored to patients, healthcare providers, and organizations alike. Our innovative services revolutionize healthcare by personalizing treatments according to individual genetic profiles. Explore how we’re shaping the future of healthcare.

Your Complete PGx Partner

Precision PGx Testing

Partnering with Berries Health & Genetics Lab, we offer state-of-the-art PGx testing services designed to ensure accuracy and reliability in genetic analysis. Our comprehensive testing covers all scenarios, from preemptive testing providing proactive insights into medication responses before prescription, to reactive testing facilitating immediate medication adjustments in specific healthcare scenarios.

Simplifying Complex PGx Insights

We specialize in simplifying complex PGx data into easily understandable clinical recommendations that adhere closely to FDA and CPIC standards. By translating genetic insights into actionable treatment decisions, we enhance patient care and champion personalized medicine, ensuring that every patient receives optimized treatment based on their unique genetic makeup.

Seamless Integration into EHRs

Seamlessly integrating into Electronic Health Records (EHRs), our TailorMyRx Portal grants instant access to patient-specific guidance. Meticulously crafted, TailorMyRx empowers healthcare providers to optimize treatments and reduce adverse reactions by addressing critical factors such as medication inducers, inhibitors, and drug-gene interactions, among others.

Medications Covered

Our comprehensive PGx test covers an extensive array of medications, including 181 drugs across 17 diverse specialties. It’s a one-time procedure, as your genetic makeup remains constant throughout your life. This allows doctors across these specialties to utilize the same results for medication prescriptions, eliminating the need for further testing.

How PGx Testing Works


1. Doctor Registration

Doctors register on TailorMyRx portal and order tests for patients.





2. Patient Registration

Patients receive an email with login details for MyTailoredMed patient portal to complete the process.




3. Sample Collection

Patients provide a cheek swab sample from home or at the doctor’s office, as per provided instructions.




4. Results Receipt

Doctors and patients receive notifications when results are available in the portals.



Ready To Take The Next Steps?

For Patients

Download our informative flyer and bring it to your next appointment with your healthcare provider. Discuss with your doctor about ordering the PGx test through our TailorMyRx portal.

For Providers

To order a test for your patient, kindly register for our TailorMyRx Portal. Here, you can easily register and order tests for your patients. You’ll also receive notifications when results are available, ensuring efficient and timely patient care.

Common Questions about Cost and Coverage

Here, you’ll find responses to the inquiries regarding our cost and insurance coverage.

Our comprehensive test, which covers 181 medications across various specialties, is available for a flat fee of $399.

Yes, the $399 fee is all-inclusive and covers the entire testing process, including sample collection kits, shipping to and from our laboratory, and 3-5 business days for result delivery.

While some insurance plans may cover PGx testing, coverage varies widely depending on the provider and policy. We recommend contacting your insurance provider directly to inquire about coverage for pharmacogenomic testing. If your insurance plan does not cover PGx testing, our competitive pricing ensures that our services remain accessible and affordable to all patients.

We accept various payment methods, including credit cards, debit cards, Health Savings Account (HSA), and flexible spending accounts (FSAs). Our secure online payment portal makes it easy to complete your transaction quickly and securely.

Yes, we offer flexible payment plans and assistance programs to ensure that cost is not a barrier to accessing our testing services. Our goal is to provide comprehensive, personalized care to every patient, regardless of financial circumstances.